Our Mission



The aim is to aid young women in discovering their value and change mind-set’s against any social biases.

Khanya works on targeted teachings. These are on abstinence, women’s health, the importance of education, marriage and sex, all based on biblical principles. The eventual aim is the release from past stigma and traumatic experiences resultant in the blossoming of confident young women, strong in education, mind-set, career choice and overall personality.

Khanya therefore determines to build close relationships with these young women while involving steady steps of counselling and psychological therapy.

Khanya aims at attacking the root cause of adolescence pregnancy. Our main wings of approach lie in Compassion focused therapy simultaneously utilizing Person-centred therapy. Compassion is defined as “a sensitivity to the suffering of the self and others, with a deep commitment to try to relieve it.’’

In light of all this, the heart of Khanya for young women who are already mothers, is to encourage them that it is never late for transformation.  A fulfilled life is still possible and so is re-marriage (if meant to be).


Awareness Seminars


Khanya will organise Awareness seminars.  These will result in Khanya applying theories of change for the prior mentioned threats.

The first theory of change will address the stigma associated with those living with HIV and AIDS. Khanya endeavours to introduce psychological therapy using different approaches that suit individual needs. The stigma and discrimination of abuse has silenced the rural young women and therefore Khanya aspires to build close relationships with these young women while involving steady steps of counselling therapy and actively aiding in the acquisition of medication where need be.




Compassion therapy and Person Centred therapy clarify the necessity of a supportive and loving emotional environment.  This is so that a human being develops and realises their full potential. Research shows that insecurity and lack of love is a large contributor to the resultant teenage pregnancy.

Lastly, the girl child needs to be educated. The important question here though is: “Does the girl child know what her future occupation will demand from her? “Secondly “Is she truly passionate about it?” Therefore, a variety of differed industry visits shall be implemented by the Khanya team. The target outcome of these visits shall be to illuminate the girl child’s vision for her future in order that she may know the hands-on practicality of her desired occupation.




Projects such as farming and small business (dress making, baking and cookery) will be administered through the supervision of specialised mentors. These will teach the young girls how to raise funds for their school and living.

Furthermore, Khanya hopes to support young women in their health care journey by preparing them and giving the opportunity to take part in First AID courses such as St John’s Ambulance First Aid course. This aims at giving them a basic practical and theoretical knowledge base in health care.

Finally, Khanya’s mentors desire to host “skills training programmes” to teach the girls about work conduct and overall positive outlooks in various work settings.


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