About Us

The vision of Khanya began in April 2018 when the founder – Mentle Kukhanya Ncube was drawn to matters concerning the rural girl child living in Zimbabwe.

“God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him Male and Female, he created them “. Genesis 1 :17.

We are aware that as young women who are brought-up in communities with lack of social resources, the girl child is left vulnerable.

Khanya is a Christian based organisation. It is clear in the word of God that we do not have an identity apart from God.

After successful interventions with young women/girls, Khanya hopes to not only instil Godly standards but to impact their lives by building relationships with them and supporting their dreams and career goals.

Mentle Kukhanya Ncube


Thabiso Siziba


Isabel Kukhanya Mavengano

Vice chair lady

Bongani Magadlela


Social norms to overcome…

Dealing with the stigma created by past flaws often results in ostracized and displaced females who by and large suffer from the following: Sexual Abuse which normally leads to HIV and Aids and unwanted pregnancy, premature marriage, depression, suicidal tendencies, dropping out of school.

Career Development and education is a must in all communities. The belief of Khanya is that an educated girl is empowered to succeed in many other areas of her life. Education though, in most rural communities is often narrow minded to the select few industries. Khanya aims to enlighten young girls on the vast choice they have in career development. This will involve stretching their mind-set through a diverse, extensive range of career choice. The aim here is to enhance passion filled career choice, as Khanya’s belief is “Money follows passion”.

Khanya endeavours to aid the girls in establishing new goals, dreams and purpose for life. Sexual abuse is highly predominant in rural communities. Due to fear, ignorance and social stigma, girls often fail to report cases of sexual abuse. This may hinder them from receiving sufficient mental and physical health care.

As recently highlighted by one of the rural community DA’s – “Marriage is not a profession “.Khanya seeks to remove the cultural narrative that the young girl is made for marriage. Marriage in its rightful time is a beautiful thing, but it does not define one’s maturity.
Khanya aims at attacking the root cause of teenage pregnancy. Khanya therefore aspires to enhance the young woman’s self-image in order to help her make informed decisions regarding her future.