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For a long time, our Zimbabwean rural girls have been buried and suffocated under some restrictive cultural norms which have hindered them from having a positive mind-set and outlook to life. As with all other respective cultures in Africa, our Zimbabwean heritage plays a beautiful role in displaying morals and values in the Zimbabwean woman that our country takes pride in. Unfortunately underlying issues have been ignored for decades and Khanya would love to be a part of the change. In the long run, young women will no longer be ashamed of exposing past experiences such as abuse which is taboo in these communities.

They will no longer feel confined to marriage at an early age, and will feel free to follow passions and dreams they had forsaken due to cultural biases and economic restraints. In conclusion, Khanya takes pride in raising the Christian flag high in communities where young women are abused, heartbroken, confused, looked down upon and lost. Through Khanya, young women will inspire their parents, their peers, work places, and communities as they reflect “That light that shines through them”.



    How to donate on our site ?

    Donating via International Bank Transfer BIC (SWIFT code) A Bank Identifier Code (BIC) is a standard format used to help identify banks worldwide. Nationwide's BIC is NAIAGB21. Intermediary Bank (HSBC) BIC is MIDLGB22. You’ll need this BIC for someone to send you an international payment, such as a SWIFT payment. This is why a BIC is sometimes called a SWIFT code. IBAN An International Bank Account Number – or IBAN – is used worldwide to identify individual accounts. IBANs make it easier to process international payments. IBAN: GB82 NAIA 0708 0602 1296 36 Donating Via National Bank Transfer (UK ONLY): Sort Code: 07-08-06 Account Number: 02129636 Bank Name: Nationwide

    How to became a volounteer ?

    One can participate by being an aid in building the framework and scope of the project eg, contributing to the main strategic objectives, bearing in mind that the founder carries much the vision as a form and the heartbeat of the project. It can come in ways of investment and strengthening of the beneficiaries, or strengthening the organisation as a whole. Volunteers can also facilitate in the required activities and services.

    Where are you located ?

    No. 17 Josiah Chinamano Rd, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

    How can you become your external partner ?

    One can become an external partner when his/her values match the core values of Khanya, furthermore when he/she can add value to the organisation.

    How can you get to work in your organization?

    To work within Khanya one can become an external board member, or form part of the management or mentorship team, or become a volunteer or work in attachment roles (for students).