Service Pillars

Service Pillars

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This is achieved through subsidising parental efforts in fees payment, educational tutorials, acquisition of stationery as well as uniforms for underprivileged rural girls. Depending on severity of the challenge(s) that identified girls face, fees are paid in part or in full (tuition, exam fees and levies). PAIA has helped tremendously under this service pillar, in supplying school fees for some of Khanya’s beneficiaries since 2022. Fig 1 shows a graduation picture of Busisile Nyathi, 18yrs, from Dakamela, Nkayi who successfully completed her first tertiary program as a Patent Care Technician in 2022. She is currently enrolled at the Intellectus Campus studying Ophthalmic Optics. The organisation met her in a disturbing and distressful state (malnutritional, and heading the home as her only guardian is mentally ill) 2020. From that time, she was aided with food groceries and school supply. In 2021, she passed her O’level with flying colours, passing 8/9 subjects (the highest in Dakamela Secondary school in over 15 years). Her testimony of transformation has since inspired Dakamela villagers, especially those young girls who feel hopeless in their situations.


A number of incomes generating projects namely jewellery-bead-work, dress-making, hairdressing, and basketry are offered to rural girls in Nkayi, in efforts of improving their income status and alleviating poverty in the face of prolonged economic hardships.


Beadwork Jewellery Projects

Beginning in early May 2020, our beneficiaries in Wards 16,20, and 28 engaged in growing a producing various herbs, vegetables, and trees in the “Community Youth Gardens.” The concept of nutrition gardening has emerged as a health advantage and a necessity for sustainable use in increasing one’s health immunity, igniting resilience against various health conditions, and addressing nutritional deficiencies. Fig. 2 shows an image captured in 2022, where Khanya installed a greenhouse shed tent and an irrigation system in Ward 28, Nkayi. On the 4th of July 2021, Khanya launched bead- work projects in Zinyangeni. In July 2021, the project developed further to other Wards, Dakamela and Manomano, where training programs lasted for 10 days, facilitated by a bead work trainer from Bulawayo. From successful trainings Khanya Be the Light launched Khanya Crafts for Rural Women which has its own business page on Instagram @khanya_crafts4women. All profits are channelled to the beneficiaries of Khanya who

are dedicated to meet client’s orders in Zimbabwe, and worldwide.


In April 2021, Khanya officially launched Sewing Projects in Zinyangeni (Ward 20) and the girls have since dedicated time into learning basic sewing skills so as to enhance personal developmental growth in community of Nkayi. Such projects (under Khanya’s Vuk’zenzele Initiative) aim to promote financial self- reliance within the rural girl child, providing opportunities that boost self-esteem, creativity, confidence, and overall quality of life.


This programme reaches out to approximately 65 rural girls and young mothers. Identified beneficiaries receive sanitary wear and disposables, toiletries as well as clothes in efforts to restore the dignity and self-worthy of rural girls and young women. Our last project took place in April 2023, where Khanya hosted a Women’s Health Event with the aim of shedding light on women’s health, dispelling menstrual shame and associated stereotypic mindset. Mrs Makoni, a qualified nurse and licensed mid-wife, gave a presentation on the female reproductive system and its implications relating to each stage of a women’s menstrual cycle. This educational discussion proved fruitful and insightful as it highlighted the need for feminine hygiene. Mrs Makoni discussed the fluctuations in hormones that could lead to parent-child conflicts. She further cautioned mothers to be more patient

and understanding of their daughters in this time, while also highlighting the need to be firm in disciplining their daughter where necessary (Many parents allow their children to go astray after they reach the ages of 16 as they believe they are old enough to make ‘adult decision’. Unfortunately left to themselves this has caused a consistent rise of teenage pregnancies in the villages of Nkayi. After the seminar, the girls received feminine hygiene hampers which included a bathing soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, sanitary towels and body lotion. There was a group of young women from the community, who are young mothers, who were given menstrual cups. Mrs Makoni explained menstrual cup’s use, how to sanitize and store it, as well as its benefits.


Psycho-social support and counselling services are conducted in girl children who have been exposed to various forms of abuse. In this programme a pro-active approach of creating awareness on GBV through teachings and campaigns is also adopted in order to equip unsuspecting would-be-victims of abuse. The organisation uses these methods: reaching out to primary and secondary schools, to conduct 30-min to 1hour sessions with teenage girls on GBV and Abuse termly, use of suggestion boxes in schools, networking with health and education sectors, not forgetting other organisations charioting the same agenda. Successes are measured through number of GBV cases reported, thwarted or prevented as a result of our interventions.


This is a grooming programme on communication, etiquette, role- playing, career guidance through trainings, seminars, creation of an environment that promote leadership skills as well as sound parenting as girls interact in their in their various working groups or classes. One of our recent leadership programs took place in September 2022 where Khanya carried our an impactful 3-dat bootcamp in Dakamela, Nkayi. The young girls were taught on the following topics: Identity & Positive Thinking; Girls Talk on Opposite Sex Relationships; Mannerisms and Etiquette Grooming; Financial Personal & Home Budgeting.